How we got started

iPal had its beginnings in 2008, when we wanted a more personal, hands-free experience while photographing family and friends. We wanted to truly live in the moment, but were limited by the physical and mental hassle of recording with hand-held devices. With any hand-held, you have to select a scene, point the camera and hold it steady, and continuously monitor the view-finder to make necessary adjustments. We didn’t want to engage the device. We wanted to enjoy the experience and engage with others! To live in the moment, a hands-free and attention-free imaging device was necessary.


After much research and development, in 2013, we demonstrated a working prototype that would follow the user’s eyes intelligently and was fully controlled by eye gestures.

Unlike hand-held cameras, iPal requires zero effort during operation. This design allows users to truly be themselves when they are recording or communicating their experiences.

iPal wasn’t born overnight. Its team members are experts in multiple fields:

  • Embedded software
  • Hardware and camera design
  • Mechanical design
  • Optical systems
  • Industrial design
  • Prototyping/packaging/manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Marketing