iPal is a new platform for applications that fit any lifestyle.

iPal is a wearable computer and a new imaging platform. It has access to your eyes—access to what you see, what you pay attention to and for how long. It also understands eye gestures, such as blink and wink. Such functionality opens opportunities for a number of new applications to fit any lifestyle. iPal can be your personal digital assistant, a device that you want to carry everywhere with you, which makes iPal truly a pal or trusted companion.

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Sample Use Cases

Just imagine if a high-powered image processing engine resides in the cloud? The powerful combination of human visual intelligence and computers can change our lives for better. The possibilities are endless. Here’s some of our ideas, but you may have your own.

SleepyDriverWeb_graphicDriver Assistance

Newer cars provide driver assistance features, such as lane change warning and forward collision alerts. But not everyone has access to such luxury vehicles. With iPal and a driver assistance app, the same features become available to anyone owning a vehicle, not just luxury vehicles.


SearchWeb_GraphicImage Recognition and Search

iPal allows you to point and select objects with your eyes. Image-based internet search, such as CamFind by Image Searches, Inc., conveniently identifies the object and performs an image search so that you can learn new things about that object. The result  will be shown on the iPal control module or your smartphone’s screen.

  • See a pair of shoes you like? Blink to capture the image, then find out where you can buy those shoes.
  • How about that 50-inch LED flat panel display you see? Take a photo with iPal and find reviews on that particular display model.
  • Grocery shopping and wondering if you can buy it for less in another nearby store? All you need to do is look at the item and double blink.

StreamVideoWeb_graphicTrue Telepresence

Video conferencing is a subset of telepresence. A webcam allows you to see what someone looks like. For a true telepresence, you also need to know what that person is looking at. With iPal, you can allow a distant viewer to see exactly what you look at. Furthermore, you can allow that user to steer the cameras in any direction he or she wants. You might have seen such a thing in a science fiction movie.