Only iPal can follow your eyes, thanks to its eye tracking and gaze tracking technology.

Eyeglass Frames

iPal has four cameras embedded in the eyewear: two eye tracking micro cameras view your eyes under any lighting condition, and two high-resolution HD cameras view the scene in front of you. A processor housed in the control module analyzes the eye tracking and eye gesture data to control the function of the two HD scene cameras. Working together, the two scene cameras allow iPal to see in narrow view (binocular field of view) and wide angle view (peripheral view). iPal can also zoom.

Media Kit Glasses


Touch-screen Pocket Control Module

The iPal control module contains the touch-screen display, processor, wireless electronics, sensors, battery, memory and the iPal user control app. The module can be paired with any iPhone or Android smartphone. It holds up to 8G of memory, is expandable to 32G, and is capable of WiFi and Bluetooth connections.


CAMERAS – two 5MP scene tracking
– two eye tracking
– field of view: up to 120°
– control with eye gestures, or from touchscreen or smartphone
FRAMES – black, charcoal grey, brown tortoise shell
– compatible with prescription lenses
– detachable control module wires
Modes still, burst, random, time-lapse
Zoom auto zoom
Format MP4 h.264
Resolution 720p
AUDIO AAC stereo microphones



DIMENSIONS 1.8 X 3.0 X 0.3 inches
DISPLAY 3-inch touchscreen
POWER DC via micro USB
Battery – one day typical use (ex: take pictures every second for 10+ hours.)
– video recording time: 2 hours
– micro USB rechargeable
– optional external battery for uninterrupted use
Charger DC, USB cable
STORAGE 8GB onboard, expandable to 40GB
APPS – Android, iOS, Windows
– will offer SDK
– iPal settings app local on control module
iPal settings app Options for: camera, social sharing, albums and storage, eye gesture commands